My previous partner’s daughter looks like a supermodel and is extremely successful in what seems like absolutely everything.

She is not only obsessed with perfection and showing off her glamorous achievements (her Instagram is something to behold!) but also she is hell-bent on setting and smashing goals, one after the other.

She’s got a lot of Virgo and Libra going on, no surprise, but what I felt worth mentioning is that her NESSUS is right on her AC.

She is definitely narcissistic and probably sociopathic but I’m not sure.

I’ve noticed that not all astrologers agree that Nessus = abuse; some say its the “the end justifies the means” asteroid.
I think it’s the “extreme determination” asteroid.
I think so because I have it conjunct my Mars and I’m not narcissistic or abusive but I have earned the respect of many of the sociopaths that have tried to fuck me up in life.
One even said “You never stay down! You always get back up!”

my natal chart +Lilith+Nessus CROPPED
My Natal Chart (including Chiron, Lilith & Nessus)