Fucking the Twenty year old Tom Cruise-look-alike ranch hand

Two pretty young Afrikaner boys in supporters shirts and caps were sitting quietly to one side.

I didnt expect any business from them but the one caught my eye a few times and eventually I got the courage to approach.

They were leaving for Montana USA the next morning

Apparently a lot of Afrikaans guys go and do farm work over there

I think it’s cool that white South African workers are so in demand internationally.

So the one nervously admitted he’d come to “book” and wanted to go with me.

He sure was pretty;

and well-mannered;

and shy;

so I had no qualms about it.

In the room, he self-consciously removed his cap and shirt, clearly not very experienced with hookers.

He looked every bit the fantasy cowboy: shirtless, all tanned lats and abs, in perfectly fitting cowboy style jeans and belt-buckle.

And he’d been hiding the sexiest long fringe in the cap!

After I coaxed him out of the jeans, he lay down passively, as almost all the guys do, and I started putting my moves on him. He warned me that he might cum quickly and almost as soon as he’d said it, he came;

still wearing his underwear.

But that didn’t discourage his impressive erection at all and soon I was blowing him.

He didn’t seem terribly turned on by it, quite uncomfortable, really, so next, I got my lotion and squirted it on my biggish natural tits and led him to give them a good fondling.

Still very little passion registered.

So I put a condom on him and rode him;

all my best moves! Still, he didn’t seem turned on, was going soft, in fact!

We agreed the condom was too tight for him and so I removed it, getting ready to try satisfy him by hand

I was getting so discouraged and wasn’t having any fun at all, as gorgeous as he was. I asked him not to be shy to let me know what he might enjoy.

He was reluctant;

saying he didn’t know.

“Come on, I’m sure you’ve watched a few blue movies before?”, I asked him in Afrikaans.

He asked if he could be on top. Sure! I said. That’s the easiest for me; and they so rarely want it, so I was pretty damn pleased

Well, he proceeded to fuck me like a champ! 🙂

My feet soon behind my ears!

I suggested doggie-style after a while, encouraging him to gain experience, and jeeez was that even MORE fun, especially when he’d gently but firmly pushed me down, between my shoulder blades, leaving only my ass in the air.

Then he took my one arm and gently but also firmly put it behind my back as if I was half tied up

Well, I caught on quick and when I added my other arm, my face happily smooshed into the pillows, pretending to be tied up, he pulled out and came all over my lower back.

Fucking hot stuff for a forty-something hooker hahaha yeehaaaa


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