Future-faked at the brothel

23h30  at the brothel


I thought I’d finally met a nice guy who’d appreciate me, but I’m already heartbroken

I feel so stupid

what was I thinking?


He was olive-skinned (Afrikaans but with perfect English )

A bit chubby, but a good chest,  big cock, loves to dance….and a bachelor.

We’d clicked so well

Really wanted to spend time together!

He said he wanted to take me out dancing!

I drank too much, having such a great time at the bar with him


After our hour together, he asked if I’d really give him my number


but then he didn’t even take it

Just wanted to see if I’d give it, like all the others.

(at best, they contact me just to try and get a freebie.)


I feel like crying




Maybe not on purpose, though.

I think after the sex, faced with the prospect of returning to the bar outside, he remembered what job I had to go back to, and knew he couldn’t possibly date me.

And it’s true.


God I feel so lonely again

How can I still be so naive?












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