Father and son in the brothel

Last night a gorgeous, well-hung twenty-two year old rich boy Justin Bieber type booked me for three hours.

I’d been tipsy and in retrospect his eyes gleamed as he’d helped me get tipsy at the bar, especially to take advantage of me later.

He admitted to a number of sneaky behaviours throughout our time together:

said he NEVER uses a condom, and even when the girl insists, he “accidentally” lets it come off…

He invited me to visit him at his place on Sunday night

Says he’ll cook, provide premium weed, play me a great comedy movie…but this morning I threw his card away, remembering how he’d cum in me without even telling me and then told me hours later after I’d tried so fucking hard to help him cum!

I’m pretty sure he was on Viagra or something and he was huge, and even when I said I was to sore to go on, he put it in even more,  and enjoyed the fact that I just couldn’t seem to say no to more penetration; that I couldn’t bring myself to disappoint him, even though it was so sore

well, it was pleasurable AND sore. very confusing.

as I’m sure he knew.

He’d said I was “sweet”…I’m quite sure he meant he’d identified me as a people-pleaser.

He’d confessed to being lonely in life and having low self-esteem when sober, then when I said he was nice or honest, or both, he’d said he was very glad to have convinced me!

He even bit me right at the end; joked that he was biting me to keep me there with him and he wouldn’t release his bite even when I asked repeatedly as nicely as I could. He did when I elbowed him in the face though, but still I didn’t elbow him hard, at all, because he’d made it into a joke.

He did it to over-step my boundaries.

He’d told me how his father gave him cocaine at 14 and started taking him to brothels at 16…

His father was in the next room, for hours, and paid for the son to have me for three hours

I’m curious to see who the father is

the boy made it clear that the father is quite crazy

says his father called him one night to help him deal with ghosts that he could only see behind him when looking into his phone’s selfie camera!

mentioned his step-dad’s gay brother/son convincing him to let him suck him off!

joked about “roofy-ing” me

what a crazy drug-addled family! yet he maintains his job (working for his mother, though) and both parents (divorced since he was a boy) have successful businesses, selling AV equipment.



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